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Certo offers its customers various payment solutions, including Certo Basic. This security service can be used by companies 24/7, whether you use it just once or regularly. Our Certo Plus and Certo Business solutions offer custom-made payment solutions to companies, organisations and trade associations. We will be pleased to discuss your wishes and requirements with you in order to ensure that our solutions are just what you are looking for. Enquire now about the options for partnerships and the attractive revenue models that go with them.




Certo Basic
Online platform

Certo Plus
Platform for associations

Certo Business
Platform for partners


Standard process using Certo's online platform

Sector-specific process using Certo's online platform

Specific process using Certo's online platform


Companies looking for financial security for their Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) transactions

Trade associations and umbrella bodies, or platforms looking for a payment solution for their members or users

Companies looking for a specific payment solution for their customers

Fee per transaction

On request

On request

On request



On request

On request


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Euro kaderAn end to additional work and costs caused by payment problems
Certo is all about confidence: delivery = payment!

handshakeIn safe hands
Your customers make their payments from within their own trusted banking environment. Stichting Derdengelden* holds the money in reserve until the transaction is completed. View your transactions

using our secure platform.
*Certo is a payment service provider with DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank) exemption.


Wherever and whenever it is convenient for you

You can start a transaction on your tablet, check its status on your smartphone and confirm delivery using your desktop PC.














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