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Fraude Awareness


Certo Escrow offers payment solutions that provide total security to both vendors and buyers. As with all financial transactions, there are several items you can check and precautionary measures you can take to ensure your safety.


When a vendor recommends you use Certo Escrow, please take into account the following:

  • We only use Dutch trust accounts for our escrow services. All trust accounts are accounts of the ABN AMRO Bank, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All trust accounts have the BIC code ABNANL2A and their IBAN number starts with NL. We never use bank accounts from other banks. Certo Escrow never requests payment to an individual (or "agent").
  • All emails sent by Certo Escrow originate from the domain We do not use any other domains.
  • Our escrow services are never available for purchases via ads websites such as and
  • Certo Escrow is a Dutch company that only has Dutch employees located in The Netherlands. We do not have employees nor representatives located abroad. The employees of Certo Escrow can be contacted by phone, using the telephone number below.
  • Our office is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. We do not have any offices abroad.
  • We never collect purchased items and we never deliver purchased items. We only facilitate the financial part of the transaction. We do not cooperate with any logistics companies.


If these conditions are not met, you should contact Certo Escrow immediately using the contact details below. All vendors that recommend you use Certo Escrow must be registered at Certo Escrow. If you want to check if a vendor is registered at Certo Escrow, or if you want to check the validity of your escrow transaction, please contact us directly by email or phone, or using the form below:


Certo Escrow B.V.
Torenallee 20
5617 BC Eindhoven
The Netherlands
+31 (0)85 065 54 79

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